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At Toyotetsu, we believe that the continuous support of the communities we belong to is an important aspect of our success as a company. Our corporate responsibility to those around us boosts employee morale and the way members of our communities see Toyotetsu as a company. Our meaningful, consistent participation in local and regional events and activities helps support and improve the wellbeing of those around us. Our focus on contributing to public education, supporting of employment and reentry services, eradicating poverty, and supporting local government agencies and local commerce are the gateways in which we strive to give back to our communities.

Contribution to Public Education

  • FAME Program Sponsor (FAME is a two-year apprenticeship program that provides students with the hands-on experience needed to succeed in an industrial career)

  • TTAI Community Workforce Development Scholarship ($1,000 scholarships awarded annually to graduates of local high schools)

  • TTTX holds strong partnership with local schools in San Antonio, TX including Highlands High School P-TECH, CAST STEM High School, the Manufacturing Institute, etc.

  • Sponsorship of local schools in the Vex Robotics Program and the Vex World Competition

  • School supply bundles given annually to each Team Member at TTAI with school-aged children in their home

  • Service on Advisory Councils of local high school Computer Science/IT and Engineering programs

Support of Employment and Reentry Services

  • TTAI

    • Partnership with SKYHope Recovery Program for Women in Somerset, KY for second chance employment opportunities

  • TTTX

    • Partnership with Bexar County Reentry Center 2nd Chance Hiring Program

    • TTTX partnership with Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition Teacher Externship Program

    • Partnership with Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Center

  • TTMA

    • Partnership with Wilson Oasis

    • Partnership with Puzzle Pieces (An activity day center for individuals with intellectual disabilities)

A Focus on Poverty and Health

  • Each of our locations partner with both United Way and March of Dimes through monetary donations and participation in events

  • Partnerships with local food banks both in monetary donations and participation in charitable events hosted by the food banks and other sponsors

Support of Local Government and Commerce

  • TTAI is a World-Class Sponsor of the Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce. TTAI is committed to buying local goods and services and gives preferential consideration to local businesses before sourcing outside of the community

  • TTTX holds partnerships with the Bexar County Economic and Community Development Department, AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments), and the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA)

Our involvement within our communities holds the power to bring positive, measurable changes to both our Company and the communities in which we operate.

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