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Toyotetsu Texas

In the Community

Toyotetsu Texas

TTTX's collaboration with impactful organizations like Goodwill Industries of San Antonio exemplifies their strong commitment to social responsibility. Through this partnership, TTTX extends support to Goodwill's initiatives, strengthening community development and empowerment. By providing resources, job training programs, and opportunities for skill development, TTTX actively contributes to enhancing employment prospects and economic stability in the San Antonio area. 

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio during a visit to TTTX

TTTX actively engages with various organizations dedicated to enhancing employment opportunities within our community. By aligning with local and state initiatives, TTTX contributes to the broader scope of employment support. These collaborations span across initiatives assisting marginalized groups, individuals in need of skill development, and those facing barriers to employment. Through these partnerships, TTTX demonstrates a commitment to promoting an inclusive workforce, tapping into a rich pool of talent, and empowering the community by providing pathways to meaningful careers. 

Toyotetsu Texas

TTTX was honored to host Heroes MAKE America, an organization that assists military service personnel exiting the military in search of their next career as a civilian

Toyotetsu Texas

TTTX collaborates closely with Bexar County to develop local opportunities within our community. The vital partnership between TTTX and Bexar County focuses on bolstering local opportunities within our community. Through joint planning, we aim to stimulate economic development, create job prospects, and cultivate skill-building programs tailored to the residents in our community. This alliance serves as a cornerstone for sustainable growth, promoting a vibrant and thriving Bexar County.

TTTX participating in a proclamation ceremony at Bexar County Commissioners Court to celebrate the designation of Manufacturing Month

Photo gallery of other events and donations

TTTX is deeply committed to community involvement, recognizing the profound impact of engaging and supporting our local community. We prioritize understanding the unique needs of the members of our community and strive to make a positive difference by contributing resources, expertise, and time. 

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